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An Update and an Excerpt


Hey everyone! I have been working on sending query letters and book proposals to literary agents. I need a literary agent in order to present my book to good-sized publishing companies. Next week I am going to the Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference, where I will not only meet with other writers and learn a lot, but I may have the chance to present my novel to literary agents face-to-face! Prayers very much appreciated. ❤

And without further ado, here is an excerpt from my Viking novel, The Thrall’s Sword. Comment your thoughts! 

“I screamed as a wave crashed over me. The ship turned over, the dark mass smothering me, driving me down into the depths of the sea. My instincts took over, and I swam away from the ship, escaping the ship’s malicious urge to drown me. The current whipped me about like I was a mere strand of seaweed. I kicked my feet violently and paddled my hands as my father had taught me.

A wave roared above me, so I swam to the only safe place, deep under the water, holding my breath and sinking down into the cold silence of the sea. I squinted my eyes open. For a moment I forgot I needed to breathe, and I just stared at the beauty of the ocean—the undulating greens and blues of the water, the fish that were darting about, trying to flee the chaos the arrows had caused. Then I saw the ship sinking slowly, a cow drowning alive, and bright gold coins twinkling as they sunk along with the rest, journeying to the after-life. And I saw Mum falling slowly, her chest bloody from the sword, her brown hair wild about her—her beautiful, beautiful soul.

No more.

Sorrow overwhelmed me. But I couldn’t—I couldn’t breathe.”



18 thoughts on “An Update and an Excerpt”

  1. Beautiful work!! The imagery is amazing; I could picture everything very clearly in my head. And the words you used are very interesting!

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  2. Hey Grace,

    That is amazing!!! Of the little bit that I have read it is an amazing book!! You are a good writer and doing a great job with writing!! I’ll be praying for you that you get a good literary agent who will find everything that you need!! 😊

    Love, Nettie

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    1. Hey Amanda! Thanks for asking! I’ve just been editing my book mainly right now, so not much! Some people are giving me great feedback to help me revise my book. When I’m at a pause in editing, I will start sending query letters again.

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      1. Oo hope the editing is fun and very rewarding for you, and not tiresome! I know it can be a little of a downer sometimes, but I hope you are constantly encouraged! Sounds so exciting. 🙂 May God bless you in this huge step!!

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