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I’m a Jesus-follower, word-lover, and song-bird. My aspiration is to craft stories that are deep, impactful, beautiful, and Christ-centered.

I have a wise dad, a fun-loving mom, an out-of-the-box brother, and a joyful sister. If you come to my house, you might find me singing harmony with my electric tooth brush, or cuddling up with my clown of a basset hound-border collie mix.

I write whenever I get the chance, and I adore words that pour from your heart to the tip of your pen, emotions and ideas streaming onto paper with the theme of my Lord and Savior prevailing in the end.

Generally speaking, historical fiction and Christian fiction are my favorite genres, though I love to try reading other genres to get a feel for them all.  My favorite books are The Mark of The Lion series by Francine Rivers, because of the deep emotional and spiritual impact she leaves on the reader.

I’ve written stories since I was in fifth grade, and I aspire to do so for the rest of my life.

I hope you learn as much as I do as you join me on my writing journey!

May God’s grace abound in your life,

Grace Caylor

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“The Thrall’s Sword is a powerful story of forgiveness, redemption, and healing. I love the Irish words, references to Norse gods, the character’s accents, but most of all – I am in awe of the weighty the message this story shares. Iosa, or Jesus, can save anyone, and beauty can come out of brokenness.” – Olivia Giordano, blogger at https://livforhim.wordpress.com/

Olivia Giordano

“Sigrid is such a relatable character! You’ll cry with her, question with her, grow with her, and celebrate with her throughout this vivid and moving historical novel.” – Brittany Meng, freelance editor and blogger at thebamblog.com and motheringbeyondexpectations.com

Brittany Meng